Small Equipment-Great Wisdom

Sep. 18, 2020

Speaking of the charging cabinet, I believe many people have heard of it. Especially the current popular smart tablet charging cabinet. Relying on the advantages of intelligence, convenience, and wide application, etc., it naturally attracts everyone's attention. 

The charging cabinet, in fact, is like our charger, and it is a large-scale device for centralized charging of tablets. On the basis of traditional media teaching, more and more universities, primary and secondary schools choose to use some high-end teaching equipment for auxiliary education. 

As a result, the demand for charging devices is increasing, and the requirements for safety are getting higher and higher.

Facing the complicated market environment, how should we choose?

Small Equipment-Great Wisdom

As a provider of educational information teaching equipment, Haijie has always adhered to "user-centric" and "market segmentation, professional manufacturing concept". It is now a well-known brand in the industry, a leading company, and has a number of product patents, software copyrights, and national CCC certification.

Haijie’s tablet charging cabinet not only perfectly solves the collective charging problem of digital products, but also has functions such as overload protection and personal safety protection. Because of its many advantages, it is very popular among teachers and students.

1. Adopt an integrated comprehensive power management system: it integrates leakage protection, overload protection, time control management, and sequential power supply, and provides multiple charging modes;

2. The external power switch, through the relay mode, the weak current controls the strong current, avoids the human body from contacting the strong current, and eliminates safety hazards;

3. All corners of the overall appearance are treated with arcs to prevent students from bumping and scratching;

4. The two sides of the charging cabinet are made of ABS material, which is in an insulated environment during the use of teachers and students to avoid electric shock;

5. Reserve multiple air flow holes for natural heat dissipation, and cost-effective cooling fans can also be selected according to customer needs;

6. Leakage protector: prevent short circuit and leakage to protect personal safety;

7. Fully enclosed anti-theft structure, safe storage;

8. The separation of strong and weak electricity effectively guarantees the personal safety of equipment and users.

At different times and in different places, Haijie is satisfying your most passionate and sincere demand and desire for products.

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