Is the smart classroom charging cabinet safe?

Sep. 23, 2020

The rapid development of the Internet provides good learning resources for current students. The continuous advancement of technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence has changed the traditional teaching model of "only relying on books".

Many schools have opened programming courses, introduced electronic school bags, and established smart classrooms. It is more interesting and pays more attention to the cultivation of students' scientific ability. The mastery of logical thinking and information technology has become the quality that every young person in this era should possess.

What equipment should be included in a smart classroom? Computers, display equipment, writing equipment, public address systems, camera systems, lesson recording systems, etc., it seems that everything you need to have in a lesson is all there. But in fact, there is another device that I think is very important and easily overlooked-the tablet charging cabinet.

Why do you say that?

Is the smart classroom charging cabinet safe?

Most of the devices in the hands of students are tablet computers, and it is obviously unrealistic for the tablet computers in a class to maintain power through the traditional plug-in charging method.

Most people would think that it would be fine to charge with a socket, but if there are 20 tablets in the classroom, how many sockets are needed for charging with a socket? Are there so many sockets? And what if the kids accidentally bump into it? This is too unsafe.

Therefore, tablet charging cabinets can be used for centralized charging of tablets in the classroom.

Considering the problem of classroom charging, we have developed and produced a smart tablet charging cabinet. The Haijie tablet charging cabinet is equipped with a cooling fan to ensure the safety of teachers and students during use.

ABS engineering plastic partition is used between the tablet and the tablet, which is convenient for the tablet to be charged and arranged while maintaining its beauty and convenient use.

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