Advantages of Digital Multimedia Podium

Dec. 03, 2019

The application of Digital Multimedia Podium in teaching is a sign that education has entered a new era. It combines intelligent podiums with touch interactive devices and touches interactive software to implement interactive teaching methods through audiovisual media so that the teacher's lecture content is no longer boring Single, it stimulates students '"learning" interest, improves students' enthusiasm and initiative, and makes students fall in love with learning!

With the rapid development of the Internet, the development trend of the Internet of things is irresistible. The concepts of smart cities, smart transportation, smart homes, and smart offices have emerged.  The lecture hall has developed three generations of products and a new generation of smart lecterns. On the basis of the previous two generations, only the screen display and inscription functions have been added, and voice recognition has been added to truly achieve intelligent interaction.

With the development of education informatization, computers should now be said to be rare in schools. Many schools not only have intelligent podium rooms, but even computers in classrooms have been used to assist teaching.

Digital Podium

Digital Podium

However, due to the nature of elementary and middle school students, many computers placed in classrooms are threatened with being knocked and knocked down. At the same time, it is well known that computers generate radiation, and radiation also poses a certain health threat to students. In this case, Digital Podium came into being.

Digital podium is a product that integrates a podium and a computer. As a podium, the smart podium completely requires the design of daily podium standards and uses ergonomic principles to meet the needs of primary and secondary school students' physical growth. In addition to the role of a common lectern, it also has a computer integrated inside it and a monitor on its desktop. Because of adopting a new integrated overall design, intelligent podium, the appearance is neat and beautiful, free from the constraints of various connecting cables behind the PC, its unique safety and stability, so that students can operate easily and safely in the application process. In addition, the intelligent podium is used, and all the PC components are enclosed inside the podium, which also makes up for the shortcomings of the PC that can be easily disassembled and prevents the loss of computer components to the greatest extent.

Digital podium is mainly used in large conference sites of government agencies and schools, hospitals, enterprises and other enterprises to display various important information.

1. Equipped DELL Inspiron 5477 all in one PC 23.8 '' touch screen and 10 point touch with all-in-one PC presenting solution on top.

2. Present with microphone and lamp socket on the surface.

3. Interface for power, audio, USB hub, Net, VGA and HDMI port, etc.

4. New electrical power lift with wide range adjustment by your will.

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