How to choose the right tablet charging cabinet?

Dec. 10, 2019

The group used by Ipad Charging Cart, the primary group is primary and secondary school students. In recent years, the phenomenon of children's big schoolbags in our education has caused widespread discussion in society. Both the education community and parents have criticized our current primary school students.

Ipad Charging Cart

Ipad Charging Cart

The state is also trying to change this phenomenon. In conjunction with the rapid development of the Internet in China, an important part of the teaching reform in primary and secondary schools is to reduce the burden on children's schoolbags and use electronic schoolbags instead of paper textbooks.

In a class of 40 students, using a tablet computer to teach, how to charge the 40 tablets collectively is an issue to be considered. It is not possible to install a charging board on the desk of each student in the classroom. Elementary school students have a large amount of activity and safety It is not allowed, including many safety considerations such as a fire. This has 40 tablets that are charged in a charging environment to avoid any safety issues. This is the role of tablet charging cabinets.

Tablet PC charging cabinets are used in a centralized office environment, such as training institutions, government agencies, and customs. In some homes that use mobile tablets, more mobile phones require tablet charging cabinets for centralized charging.

1. You can choose the appropriate size of the charging cabinet according to the size of the tablet. Some charging cabinets are large and suitable for large-sized tablets, while small tablets such as 6-inch and 8-inch charging cabinets are very empty. Space, waste of space; Jiqing charging cabinet USB-B series is designed for flat-panel of 11 inches and less, overall compact and flexible

2. According to the system selection of the tablet, general Android and IOS systems can use the socket charging cabinet and USB fast charging cabinet, and the voltage of the windows system is relatively high. Using the socket charging cabinet with the original adapter to charge is faster and more stable;

3. You can choose a charging cabinet with different functions according to different needs, only charging, charging + disinfection, charging + data transmission, etc. So what is a charging cabinet? Laptop Charging Cart Wholesaler summarizes a few points:

1. The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with high-quality mute casters, 2 universal wheels and 2 brake wheels, which facilitates the use of the cabinet.

2. The circuit has an integrated power management series protection system to prevent overload, short circuit and leakage, ensuring the safety of users.

3. The cabinet is provided with an engineering plastic compartment, and the tablet computers are layered to effectively prevent the tablet computers from being scratched.

4. The design of the armrest should be ergonomic, using oval stainless steel tubes, beautiful and practical; the upper and lower decorative panels on the front side of the charging cabinet and the left and right doors are designed with arcs, which greatly reduces the collision problems for teachers and students; The door has a vent, which can effectively exhaust the hot air in the cabinet.

5. The circuit board should be charged with a USB interface to prevent the instantaneous current from causing damage to the device and affect personal safety.

6. The cabinet material is made of 1.0-1.8mm cold-rolled carbon steel. The process is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, wear resistance, and anti-static, so that it can be safe and durable.

7. It adopts a fully enclosed anti-theft structure, which is safe and anti-theft.

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