Do you know the multiple uses of Tablet Charging Cart?

Dec. 17, 2019

As a new type of charging method, Tablet Charging Cart can manage a large number of tablet charging. It is loved by schools with information education. The Tablet Charging Cart Supplier introduces the various uses of the tablet charging cabinet.

Tablet Charging Cart

Tablet Charging Cart 

The tablet charging cabinet is suitable for tablets, mobile phones, and other smart terminals with various operating systems, centralized and secure charging. Efficient synchronization can be achieved with one solution and customized solutions can be applied. Tablet charging cabinet application scenarios: schools, airports, libraries, training Schools, logistics, companies, stores, homes, hotels, etc. require a large number of highly efficient centralized charging environments, 4 high-quality silent casters on the base, 2 universal joints, 2 brakes, free and flexible movement, can take up space Anywhere.

So how to judge the quality of a flat charging cabinet? Please select the appropriate flat charging cabinet according to the following criteria

1. Main material: carbon steel combined with environmentally friendly plastic.

2. The tablet computer charging car adopts a fully enclosed anti-theft structure, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, abrasion resistance, and anti-static.

3. The overall shape of the tripartite is too large, the arc D80MM, beautiful and atmospheric, safe and stable.

4. The tablet computer charging car uses a sub-cabin design. The front part is used by teachers and students, and the rear part is used for equipment debugging and maintenance. Use different anti-theft locks (the front door is a double anti-theft lock). In the inner compartment, the strong and weak electricity are separated, and the student cannot touch the strong electricity part.

5. high-quality ultra-quiet casters (four-wheel universal, two wheels with brakes) and left and right ergonomic handles.

6. Environmental protection ABS engineering plastic stand-alone partition. The built-in partition has a card slot on the screen and does not scratch the screen. The USB cable in the cabinet runs smoothly and beautifully. At the same time, a groove is reserved for easy access to the computer.

7. USB power supply, 5V / 2A direct output, full power management chip-type integrated circuit design, automatic detection of the tablet allows input current, priority to supply low-potential equipment. According to the battery level, it can automatically supply power in three modes: normal, fast, and trickle, and it will automatically power off when it is full.

The main power supply uses PFC technology to increase the efficiency of current use, to clean the current, to protect the motherboard from damage to the hardware when the power is suddenly cut off or the current is unstable, and it has passed 3C certification and ROHS certification.

8. The LED digital indicator on the outside of the cabinet corresponds to the equipment in the corresponding position in the cabinet and is displayed centrally, reflecting the charging status of each tablet in real-time.

9. The tablet computer charging car is equipped with an integrated power management system, which integrates anti-leakage, anti-short circuit, anti-overload, and multi-mode display digital smart switch functions. The time can be set freely to save energy and has priority power supply function. When using, the system defaults to full-day charging.

10. Temperature controlled fan forcibly dissipates heat, intelligent inter-circulation heat dissipation structure, the heat generated by the adapter is forcibly discharged by the fan during charging, and the temperature does not move when it is within a safe range.

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