Collaborative Table---make the classroom more exciting

Sep. 01, 2020

With the continuous development of information education, information education such as smart classrooms has entered the classrooms of primary and secondary schools. People put forward higher requirements on the teaching environment and facilities.

Hebei Haijie independently developed a multifunctional collaborative table that is more suitable for classroom group teaching. Let students have a more comfortable learning environment and a more active classroom atmosphere.

Collaborative Table---make the classroom more exciting

The interactive classroom learning collaborative table meets the three modes of teacher teaching, group activities, and individual learning. The classroom layout can be changed quickly and easily, and it can enhance the comfort of students, deepen their mutual connections, and improve their classroom participation.

The classroom interaction that supports collaborative learning through a flexible scientific layout creates a sense of equality between students and teachers.Emphasize the need to "take students as the main body and teachers as the leading" to carry out discussion, heuristic and participatory teaching.Establish a teaching model based on exploration and research, and create a learning atmosphere that helps students develop their imagination and creativity.Multiple information points support students' independent learning. The large-screen display equipment between the teacher and each group of students can be switched freely according to actual needs.

It is convenient for each group of students to share video or text materials during the seminar, creating a flexible and convenient communication environment for teachers and students.

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