What Problems Can HaijieTablets Pc Charging Carts Solve?

Nov. 29, 2018

What problems can haijie Tablets Pc Charging Carts solve? How to achieve security protection?

haijie Tablet Charging Trolleys is a device that implements centralized charging management for digital devices.

Function: Solve the problem of collective charging at the same time, avoiding direct contact with the mains and convenient management of digital products.

The core protection of haijie Ipad Charging Cart:

8S protection system:

1. Overcharge protection: prevent overcharging of the battery;

2. Power protection: prevent over-power discharge of the battery;

3. Short circuit protection: automatic protection in case of short circuit;

4. Intelligent identification: self-matching your digital devices;

5. Overheat protection: prevent excessive temperature during charging and discharging;

6. Overvoltage protection: prevent the voltage from being too high when charging or discharging;

7. Constant current protection: maintain constant voltage charging;

8. Reverse irrigation protection: prevent strong electrical equipment from burning out equipment when short circuited;


Concise and user-friendly, the details are refined, vents, cart-type stainless steel handles, medical mute casters.

Ipad Charging Cart

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