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IoT E-PodiumIoT E-PodiumIoT E-PodiumIoT E-Podium

IoT E-Podium


As a leading brand in the education industry, Haijie has recently launched the E-series IoT smart podium. With its fashionable and exquisite appearance and highly integrated functions, the product provides more convenient and efficient information-based teaching for teachers, students and administrators.

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Total Measurement:
1100*740 *890+420㎜ (length*width*height+lifting stroke, the size of the podium is only for reference)

1. Built-in 10U 19-inch standard rack and reserved desktop host machine.
2. Built-in 23.8-inch capacitive touch display, the angle of the display can be adjusted electrically. The display angle is dynamically adjustable from 28° to 46°. Local LCD panel and remote Internet of Things multiple control methods, set the specified angle of the display and obtain the current height of the display in real time.
3. The height of the podium can be adjusted by electric lift. Using German silent lifting technology, the structure is stable and reliable. The table height is dynamically adjustable from 850mm-1220mm. Local LCD panel and remote IoT multiple control methods, set the designated height of the podium and obtain the current height of the podium in real time.

4. User memory function for the height of the podium and the angle of the display. The height and display angle can be memorized after the user inserts the card for authorization, and the height and display angle of the memorized table can be automatically adjusted next time.
5. Ambient light. The podium has built-in 5 color atmosphere lights, white, red, green, purple and blue, which can be turned on and off. Local LCD panel and remote IoT multiple control methods.
6. Electric lift microphone. The electric lift microphone has wireless charging and ultraviolet disinfection functions. After authorization, the microphone disinfection compartment can be opened through the panel.
7. Wireless charging. Support Android Apple mobile phone wireless charging, up to 15W.
8. Integrated card fingerprint LCD operation panel. 7-inch LCD capacitive touch panel, built-in card management system and fingerprint management system, the podium can be operated after authorization, the panel can control the height of the podium, the angle of the display, the atmosphere light, the electric microphone, the electromagnetic lock, and the computer switch.
9. Internet of things management. The LCD panel manages the indoor touch all-in-one, lighting, curtains, air conditioners, projectors, temperature and humidity detection modules, PM2.5 detection modules, TVOC detection modules, door locks and other modules. Users can operate the height of the podium, adjust the angle of the display, atmosphere lights, electric microphones, etc. through the WeChat applet, mobile app, etc., to realize the Internet of Things management and control.
10. Embedded keyboard.
11. Shock-absorbing gooseneck microphone holder*1
12. Cup holder, clothes hook
13. Optional: Laminate special material storage tray
14. Right interface: high-quality aluminum panel is used at the interface to increase the aesthetics and service life of the product. The interface design is HDMI*1, Mic*1, USB*2, audio interface*1, VGA*1, Rj45*1, power socket*1.

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