Charging Locker 02
  • Charging Locker 02
  • Charging Locker 02
  • Charging Locker 02
Charging Locker 02Charging Locker 02Charging Locker 02

Charging Locker 02


1.Two kinds of lock configuration,mechanical key and RFID card reader         

2.Colors option.

3.Number option,2-4-8-10-12-24 cabinet.

4.Power sockets with USB charge.

5.Charge the 8-bit tablet.

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Open Emergency key 
Ventslocker door with vents
Door90° open
Interface AC adapter (1)      USB charging interface(2)

Circuit characteristics
ChargingUSB and AC adapter 
Input frequency50-60HZ
Electric current2.4A
output voltage5.2V
Dielectric strength1500VResistance100 mΩ
Charging Number24
intelligent controlthree open types: password                                    IC card (most 500)  Mechanical key AC adapter(1)     USB charging interface(2)

Charging Locker 02

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