HJ-YJ25 Smart Podium
  • HJ-YJ25 Smart Podium
  • HJ-YJ25 Smart Podium
HJ-YJ25 Smart PodiumHJ-YJ25 Smart Podium

HJ-YJ25 Smart Podium


 The maximum size of the product is about 760*774*1102(length*width*height)

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1. The closed system effectively protects the safety of the internal equipment; with the wooden handrails, it is beautiful and generous, taking into account the user's comfort;

2. The maximum size of the product is about 760*774*1102(length*width*height);

3. The front and back door logo hollow design is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the device during use;

4. The table top adopts electronic lock, the card reader is swiped open, and the pull-out design is simple and easy to operate;

5. The operating table can be selected as a 21.5-inch display (maximum support 21.5 inches), the display angle can be adjusted as needed, the adjustable angle is: 25 ° 30 ° 35 ° 40 ° 45 °;

6. Microphone, audio, network cable, USB, HDMI notebook interface reserved for the countertop;

7. Reserve the controller hole position, and configure the controller device according to requirements;

8. The drawer design directly below the podium can be used to place teaching equipment, etc.

9. The bottom of the podium is equipped with a high-strength load wheel to facilitate the movement of the equipment;

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