Tablet Storage & Charging Basket
  • Tablet Storage & Charging Basket
  • Tablet Storage & Charging Basket
Tablet Storage & Charging BasketTablet Storage & Charging Basket

Tablet Storage & Charging Basket


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1. Dimensions: 830*700*710mm (without casters).

2. Configure 4 tablet storage baskets, which can simultaneously charge 32 tablets for centralized charging.

3. Fully enclosed anti-theft structure and secure storage.

4. All steel structure, steel plate thickness ≥1.2mm, surface sprayed.

5. Inner partial compartment: 

The upper compartment is a flat area for storage basket & tablet’s storage and charging, which is student contact area and of no strong electricity. The storage basket is designed to be removed and stored at will.

The lower compartment is an area for USB charging. All USB strips are placed under the storage basket, which are single output and overload protection.

6. The power management control area is located below the main power line, with a separate key, controlled by a professional manager. Integrated power management system: integrated leakage protection, overload protection, time control management, and sequential power supply providing multiple charging management modes ( Sequence, timing, cycle mode, etc., can be set and managed at random ).

7. There is an item storage drawer on the other side. Drawer dimensions:545*500*160mm( L*W*H ).

8. High-quality ultra-quiet shock-absorbing universal wheel (with brake function) and ergonomic handle for easy use of the charging cabinet.

9. Reserve multiple air flow holes for natural heat dissipation.

10.  Use roller shutter design. The door is equipped with a buckle for convenient open and close.

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